The London Private Chef        
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The modern bespoke Chef service
I’m Will Cooper, and I set up my company The London Private Chef to provide a bespoke Chef service to busy professionals in London.
This personal chef service is based in Kensington West London, and is available 7 days a week.
I have trained with the best at 3 Michelin star level in London, and I have worked as an Executive Head Chef in London for many years. I work privately with a small number of high profile and celebrity clients, so my wealth of experience enables me to carry out this service for you at a level that the most discerning of customers are overjoyed with.
                                                                                                           Modern, individual and creative, just like you
Whether you need a sumptuous picnic or barbeque, a proper Sunday lunch, smart canapes for a cocktail party, or your fridge filled with goodies for your country house or boat at the weekend, I am able to provide you with exactly what you need and when you need it.
In these increasingly busy times where the onus is on exceptional quality, a fridge full of Chef prepared treats is fast becoming part of daily life for many busy professional people. Some clients like to have their fridges at home topped up once or twice a week with all their family’s favourite dishes and desserts. It’s so much easier  to have a personal Chef to do it, rather than going to the deli or cooking it themselves. This way it’s always fresh, always homemade, and always first rate. So much easier for dinner parties as well.
I will create bespoke menus and dishes for you and your guests and will source my products from an extensive list of small producers and farmers in the UK that I have used for many years. I will also use your favourite local shops. Meat will always be free range or organic if you prefer, fish will always be wild and vegetables are cut to  order overnight.
I hope that you enjoy my site, any questions, please feel free to contact me.